Wish List: Throwing In The Towel


Tea towels don't have to be boring! Here are some lovely ones on my wish-list right now... 

  1. Guinea pig & mint pineapple tea towel, www.ifeelsmug.com.  
  2. Tea towel holder, www.etsy.com/keepohaustralia.
  3. Classic Aussie ice cream tea towel, www.burbia.com.au.
  4. Vintage tea towel, www.etsy.com/nannabettyshouse.
  5. Broken rose tea towel, www.clubofoddvolumes.com.
  6. Floral tea towel, www.etsy.com/unclebunkstrunk
  7. Giant apricot tea towel, www.etsy.com/milicancrelat.