Wish-List | Long Weekend


Today I’m sharing my top picks for the perfect long weekend. For me, long weekends are all about slow starts, a bit of ‘me’ time whether that’s listening to my favourite podcast or doing something I enjoy but don’t usually have time for (this beautiful puzzle would be ideal), and then maybe adventuring out for a late lunch or afternoon stroll. I hope that this long weekend has been just right for you!

  1. Peony Kitty Puzzle, www.okaylady.com.

  2. aHEAD Dusty Pink, www.kreafunk.com.

  3. Pink Nectar Tassel Throw, www.kipandco.com.au.

  4. Metal Straw, www.sustomi.com.au.

  5. Hand Crochet Shopper, www.misha-and-puff.com.

  6. Hannah Wrap Skirt, Gingham, www.roseryapparel.com.

  7. Resurrection Aromatique Hand Balm, www.aesop.com.

  8. Take A Break, www.jasminedowling.com.

  9. Round Pintuck Pillow, www.urbanoutfitters.com.