Things I love | March


In March I feel like I've gotten back into Rosery Apparel in a big way. I updated the shop for the first time this year with five dresses I love, started updating my blog consistently three times a week, started posting onto Instagram consistently again, wrote some recipe posts for Frankie magazine, and have figured out a nicely balanced Rosery vs day job routine that works for me! 

Also this month, Matt and I have booked a trip to Japan! We bought the flight's ages ago, but we finally finished booking all the accommodation for our two-week trip. We'll be going in May and will be staying in Tokyo, Kyoto and Osaka - if you have any recommendations I would love to hear them!  

Now for some of my favourite things this month:

Favourite Feeds | I Feel Smug - Lizzie owns a little lifestyle store in London called Smug and it's the shop of my dreams! Not only does she post lovely shots of her shop and life, this month she also shared her home reno on her Instagram stories. It was so nice to get a glimpse of her space and her renovation turned out lovely!  Accidently Wes Anderson - This is probably the best feed ever! If you love a good Wes Anderson aesthetic then you'll love this feed too. It features shots by different people that are exactly what you'd expect, like accidentally taken from a Wes Anderson film set.  

Favourite Podcast | The Fringe of it - co-hosted by my favourite Charlotte and Liv Purvis (another favourite). This podcast is all about a range of different topics, so far including friendship, success, and getting out of a funk. Each episode starts with a little chat about their weeks which I love, and also has an underlining theme of navigating through millennial life, which I also love!  

Favourite Eats | Homemade sushi, Easter eggs, white chocolate crackle slice (I wrote this post for the Frankie website this month and there'll be another one going up on Saturday!), and more Easter eggs!  

Favourite Makes | My leaf print curtains - these make my space such a happy place to be in. 

Favourite Miscellaneous | Neon Sign - As mentioned here, I randomly won a custom Neon sign from Electric confetti and decided to go with lyrics from my favourite Beatles song 'Here Comes the Sun' (which was also the song I walked down the aisle to at our wedding) and now I have a neon sign in my house which is the best! Fresh flowers - something else I've really loved this month is having a couple vases of fresh flowers throughout my house, and it's something I'm going to treat myself more to in the future! 

What are some things you've been loving this month?