Things I love | June


For me, June was all about getting back into a daily routine after my trip to Japan. It took a little longer than expected but I'm finally back to working on all things Rosery again (and posting more regularly here again!). As much as I love winter in Tasmania, last year I found it pretty uninspiring, so this year I'm finding ways to make my home a little cosier and doing small things to make me feel happy and inspired. Maybe I'm still inspired by my trip, or maybe these little rituals are helping because so far something seems to be working! Here are a few of my favourite things over the past month:  

Favourite Makes | During the colder months, I like to bring out some wool and start crocheting again. I'm currently working on another granny square blanket (I can't stop making blankets) in a cute 'liquorice all sorts' colour scheme. 

Favourite Wears | I bought a pair of Converses for Japan and can't believe I haven't owned any Converses until now! I love how they go with any outfit and now I have an alternative to wearing boots all the time. I also purchased a basket bag (similar to this one) to add to my collection (I love a good basket bag) and am so happy with it. 

Favourite Views | I'm a huge fan of the Netflix series 'Chefs Table', but even more so now after this episode featuring Christina Tosi, owner of Milk Bar in New York. I love this episode so much and have watched it a couple of times as she's so creative and inspiring and her work is so great! Other things I've been watching and loving are The Defiant Ones, and The Greatest Showman (so late to this one I know).  


Favourite Reads | Pictured above are some of the books/magazines I've been loving lately. Lunch Lady is a beautiful magazine for mothers mainly, but I'm not a mother and I love this magazine. Full of recipe ideas, cute articles and random bits of information I didn't realise I wanted to know (this one all about different caravan designs). It's a bit pricey, so I only buy it once a year but I think it's more like a book than a magazine. Look What We Made is the latest publication by Frankie Magazine and is all about makers, their work and their workspaces. It's so inspiring to flick through and a beautiful one for my coffee table. The Roasting Tin was my go to cook book this month. Each recipe is able to be made in one roasting tin which makes life super easy and cooking dinner really quick - something I'm all about when the winter days are short enough as it is! 

Favourite Feeds | @livpurvis - her blog is beautiful, and her Instagram feed is just an extension of that. Full of beautifully styled photos, not only is the photography really inspiring but her outfits are lovely too! @mrseaves101 aka Gemma O'Brien a talented typographer and designer. I love her work especially this one

Favourite Miscellaneous | A little ritual I've started doing lately is taking an afternoon walk. Even though it's freezing and I'd rather stay inside, I've found putting on my favourite podcast and going for an hour-long walk so good for my mind and motivation - something I hope to continue on during the month of July! 


Hope you've enjoyed this little round up of my favourite things, what's something you've been loving over the last month?