The Weekend Haul


This weekend, I had big plans to get a lot of sewing done, and potentially finish the April collection and still have time to photograph the collection and upload it to the shop. However, Saturday morning started with my sewing machine breaking, which then gave me no choice but to take the day off to drive the hour or so to get it repaired. 

At first, I was pretty stressed as, like I said, I had big sewing plans this weekend, but taking a spontaneous day off was so nice and just what I needed. On the way to the sewing machine repairers I picked up these bits:

  • Look What We Made - a new book by Frankie Magazine that celebrates the handmade way of life. It's a 256-page coffee table book that profiles a new generation of makers, and after flicking through and reading a couple of the stories I find it a lovely and inspiring read. 
  • Vintage bedsheets - I stopped into one op-shop on the way and found these plain bedsheets that I'm hoping to make into some more blouses
  • Floral fabric - I also stopped into Spotlight as I'd been eyeing off the new collection of Gertie x Spotlight fabrics and this lovely polka-dot rayon on top will make a great blouse. I'd also been eyeing off the fabric on the bottom for a while now and am planning to make a dress for myself out if it. Looking forward to making these new pieces before our Japan trip.

I guess the moral of this rambling is if life throws you an opportunity to slow down and take some time off, then take it! Yes, I didn't get as much done as I'd planned this weekend, but I had fun and as John Lennon said 'time you enjoyed wasting, was not time wasted'.