No Way Rosé Cross-Stitch (Free Pattern)


If you’re looking for the perfect weekend craft project, then look no further than this super cute Rosé pun cross-stitch. Over the summer I got a little bit obsessed with drinking Rosé and before I knew it this Rosé pun was in my head. I can’t remember where I first heard it, but I decided I had to make it into a cute cross-stitch for my space.

So, I whipped up a design in Photoshop, and with the help of some online cross-stitch makers I had a pattern made and ready to go (feel free to download it here if you’d like to make this one for yourself).

I’m really happy with how this little piece turned out, and I’ve fallen in love with the relaxing art of cross-stitch all over again. If you’re new to cross-stitch then be sure to check out my video above where I go into depth on how to cross-stitch - warning: it’s really easy and slightly addictive!

If you do have a go at this diy then please tag me on Instagram and use #roserydiy so I can take a look!