Falling In Love With Tokyo


Today I'm finally sharing the first segment of our Japan trip - our time in Tokyo. Tokyo blew my expectation in every way and I'm fully convinced it's my spiritual home. There's so much to do and see in this incredible city. Here's just a little bit of what we got up to. 


What We Did:

+ Shimokitazawa. One of my favourite days in Tokyo was spent in this delightful suburb of Tokyo. Full of vintage shops and cute boutiques I had such a good day exploring and walking around the little back streets. I loved this suburb so much I've shared a whole blog post on Shimokitazawa which you can read here


+ Yoyogi Park. On our first day in Japan we randomly walked into this park and spent a whole afternoon wandering around (it's so big you could easily spend all day there and we didn't even scratch the surface of seeing everything this park has to offer). The shrines were breathtaking and we really appreciated the information scattered throughout the park that taught us about the history of Japan as a civilisation.


+ Paddle-boating in Kichijoji. Every time I walked into a park in Tokyo I was secretly hoping to stumble across a lake full of cute paddle boats. Finally it happened on our very last day in Tokyo! We walked into a park called Inokashira Koen and there was a lake full of beautiful swan-shaped paddle-boats of dreams.


+ Wandered the Back Streets of Harajuku. Although a walk through Takeshita street is definitely an experience, the back streets of Harajuku are where it’s at for me. Full of beautiful boutiques, eateries and vintage shops, it’s the perfect place to spend a day mooching.


+ Tsukiji Fish Market. A sprawling seafood market that winds through many streets is a great place to explore and try some local eats. We had our favourite sushi experience at the fish market but sadly missed the famous Tuna auction this time.


+ Shibuya. Shibuya was our home while in Tokyo and I could not recommend staying in this suburb enough. It’s a lovely, albeit super busy, part of Tokyo with lots of great food spots right at our doorstep. I was even lucky enough to find a cute design market called 'The Collective Supermarket' where I was able to pick up some Hello Sandwich goods. Of course, checking out Shibuya crossing is also an absolute must!  

What We Ate:

+ Cremia Soft Serve. I tried a lot of ice cream while in Japan (and I mean a lot!) but nothing was as delicious as Creamia. Rich, creamy ice cream with a cookie cone - need I say more?


+ Harmonica Alley. Harmonica alley is a winding alleyway in Kichijoji crammed full of izakaya bars, ramen spots and heaps of other delicious foods. We could’ve so easily walked right passed these delightfully enchanting alleys as they are so tiny and tucked out of the way, but are totally worth checking out!

+ A Happy Pancake. These delicious, super fluffy pancakes are cooked on a low heat for up to 25 minutes to ensure maximum fluffiness and were like eating little clouds of joy.


+ Alfreds Tea Room. Before this trip, I had never tried bubble tea. To be honest I was always pretty dubious. I don’t know what I was afraid of though, because it’s delicious! The best I tried was from Alfreds Tea Room, a beautiful pink tea filled shop that I know I’ll be dreaming about until I’m back in Japan.


+ Santa Monica Crepes. Situated in Takeshita Street, Harajuku, these crepes aren’t for the faint at heart. Only eat if your a lover of cream, but when in Tokyo eating a crepe (or two) is kind of a must.     


+ Hara Doughnuts.  This lovely little doughnut shop is also in Kichijoji and they sell the cutest (and most 'gramable) sweet treats. Definitely worth stopping by! 

Where We Stayed:

+ Shibuya. We were lucky enough to stay in the beautiful Airbnb pictured below, but sadly it's no longer available to stay in. However, I reccomend trying Airbnb while in Japan to find some unique and affordable places to stay!


If you would like to see more of my Japan adventures be sure to take a look at #janellegoestojapan on Instagram, or read my other Japan blog posts here