DIY Painted Plant Pots + The Plant That Keeps On Giving


Today I'm sharing with you a cheap and easy DIY I completed on a sunny Sunday afternoon. LIke everyone else at the moment, I love having plants in my space, and while I was visiting my grandfather a couple of months ago I commented on his lovely collection of houseplants. The next day he dropped off a spider plant that he'd syphoned off one of his own (what a sweetie). A few weeks after receiving the said plant, it had started growing spider babies (also known as spiderettes), and after a bit of research I found out it was easy to propagate the babies to grow another spider plant (a plant that grows more plants - what could be better!). Therefore I needed some cute new plant pots and decided to paint some of my own. Here's what you need:

  • A terracotta plant pots (mine were $2 each).
  • Acrylic paint in the colours of your choice.
  • A couple of paint brushes.
  • A spider plant with some spiderettes (optional).

There really isn't much to this DIY, just paint the pots however you'd like. I decided to paint my first pot white and then paint black brush strokes all over. I love how this one turned out. My second pot was a little more time intensive, I painted it pink and then added tiny white polka dots all over. It turned out pretty cute. 


Now for the exciting bit! Fill your freshly painted pots with some potting mix, dampen, and then cut the spiderette at the runner and place into the dampened soil. That's it! Now I have two new baby plants for my home! 


Be sure to keep the soil damp but not flooded while the plant is still a spiderette. Once it is grown water as normal. This is my first time propagating a plant, so I'm not sure how it will go, but I'll be sure to update you soon. Are there any other plants that you can do this with? If you know of any please share!