DIY Hand-Knitted Dishcloths


Something I've wanted to make for my kitchen for a while, are some hand-knitted dishcloths. I'm pretty ashamed to admit that for the past couple of years I've just been using disposable dishcloths bought from the supermarket, and even though I try to get as much life out of the cloths as I can, they still end up in the bin in the end. These DIY dishcloths I've made, however, are a much more sustainable option. and much prettier than the disposable ones too, in my opinion! 


I got the pattern for the dishcloths from my mum, and it's surprisingly very simple. So, if you'd like to make a few of your own this is all you have to do:

You will need 1 ball of cotton yarn (it must be cotton!) and 1 pair of 4mm needles
tension: what tension, it doesn't matter

Cast on 4 stitches,
Knit 2, yfwd, knit to the end of the row.
Repeat this row until the required width of your washer.
Knit 1, knit 2 together, yfwd, k2 together and knit till the end of the row. Repeat this row until 4 stitches remain, cast off. Sew your cast on and cast off tails in and voila a dishcloth. 

I also decided to make a striped one, all you need to do for that is to just change the colour after every 4 rows (or as many rows as you like depending on how large you'd like your stripes).


I'm currently test driving the cloths and I have to say they work a treat! And it's nice to know that after a wash they'll be right to go again. I'll definitely be making my own dishcloths from now on.