DIY Cushion Covers


So far this year I'm well on my way to completing the list of things I'd like to make for my space. This week I spent an afternoon making some nice and colourful cushion covers to brighten up my living room, here's how I made them.  


What you'll need:

  • Some fabric that is approx. 0.6mx0.6m wide. I found all of mine in the remnant bin at my local fabric store (for just $2 a metre!). 
  • Invisible zips around 40cm in length.
  • A pair of pinking shear scissors.
  • A measuring tape.
  • Some cushion inserts. 

Step 1: Place your cushion insert onto your doubled over fabric and using the pinking shear scissors cut out two identical squares that are 3cm bigger around each side than your cushion insert.  The pinking shears give the fabric a zig-zag edge which prevents fraying.


Step 2: Lay your invisible zip wrong side down onto one edge of your fabric (right side) and sew into place using a zipper foot.


Step 3: Lay the other side of the zip face down onto one edge of the other fabric square (right side) and sew into place.  


Leaving the zip open so you can flip your cushion cover right side out, sew the raw edges together. Flip your cushion right side out and press. 


Pretty easy right? If you're after a quick and easy sewing project for the Easter weekend, then this is the one for you, and you'll have some nice new cushions for your space at the end of it too!