A Day In Shimokitazawa


One of my absolute favourite days of our Japan trip was on the second day when we visited a suburb of Tokyo called Shimokitazawa (or Shimokita). Full of vintage shops and cute boutiques I was in my element. I loved this place so much I thought I’d share a blog post fully dedicated to this beautiful part of Tokyo.


My Favourite Vintage Shops:

+ Flamingo. Easy to spot due to their neon flamingo signs, Flamingo vintage stores are full to the brim of beautifully curated vintage pieces. Quite pricey but definitely worth checking out.

+ New York Joe Exchange. This store is a second-hand clothing store (not solely vintage like many in Shimokita) but you can still pick up a few vintage gems. I found a beautiful vintage dress and shirt both reasonably priced compared to other stores. You can also swap old clothes for new if you’d like some new bits but need to lighten your load while travelling.

+ Grapefruit Moon. Another second-hand clothing store with lots of vintage pieces. There were so many different things to look at in this shop, including a few handmade pieces.

+ Shimokita Garage Department. I could’ve easily spent hours in this place. Full of different mini shops this store was a mixture of vintage and handmade. All at really reasonable prices. If you only check out one shop in Shimokitazawa this is the one!

+ Haight & Ashbury. One of the oldest vintage stores in Shimokitazawa, this shop is very expensive but so beautiful, be sure to go in even if it is just to look around!


My Favourite Boutiques:

+ Mocha. Full of all things Kawaii, this boutique was a Japanese fashion dream! Again so many things to look at including lots of cute accessories.

+ Youkaen. A beautiful florist bursting with so many different blooms, it took up a huge portion of the street as well. Such a pretty shop and an Instagram dream for sure! 

What We Ate:

+ Lemonade by Lemonica. While we were zipping in and out of vintage shops we stumbled across a little lemonade stand and picked up a few refreshments to take with us as we shopped. I opted for an original lemonade while Matt got the frozen version. So delicious!

+ Shimokitazawa Cage. Situated under an elevated railway we found this cage structure with some fairy lights and tables and chairs which turned out to be a pop-up food spot and bar. Not sure what the place was called, but I think it was a pop-up space with different events and shops taking over the space all the time. Here’s a little bit of information I managed to find if you’d like to check it out for yourself.

+ Frankie. A cute little cafe which describes itself as ‘Melbourne style coffee’ was the perfect place for a rest and a nice little taste of home.


Some Tips:

+ Spend a whole day there. There’s so much to see that I recommend a whole day. That way you can take your time and take some food breaks and spend some time at events that you might stumble across (like we did at the cage that we found).  

+ Be thorough. Be sure to go down every little street as there is something amazing around every corner.  

+ Things are open late. If you like night shopping then you're in luck! Most shops in Shimokitazawa are open until 9pm (or even later on the weekends) so grab some dinner then get ready for some shopping!

+ Remember Tax. In Japan, even though the price tag may say one thing, most places will add tax to the price at checkout (around 10% of the price on the tag). So keep that in mind when shopping.

+ Changing room etiquette. When trying clothes on in Japan, you may need to take your shoes off before stepping into a change room (not all the time, but in most cases I did). You will also be given a fabric bag to place over your head if you’re wearing makeup to prevent marking the clothes which is pretty interesting!    

I hope this inspires you to go and check out Shimokitazawa! If you want to read more about our Japan trip take a look at my Tokyo blog post.