5 Reasons To Buy Yourself Flowers


For some reason, buying yourself flowers is something to feel guilty about, a bit of an unnessisary splurge, or just downright wasteful, however today I'm giving you a handful of reasons why it's ok to buy yourself a bunch of flowers occasionally, or even as a part of your weekly routine.   

  1. Improves your mood. There's nothing like a fresh bunch of flowers to make you smile, and having a fresh bunch on your coffee table does wonders for your mood. If the pretty colours aren't enough, they also improve the air quality of your space which is also positive for the mood.   
  2. Refreshes your space. As mentioned above fresh flowers (and plants) do wonders for improving the air quality of space, but not only that they make a space smell fresh as well. Instead of liberally squirting around your favourite room spray, a bunch of fresh flowers in a vase will do just the trick!  
  3. Increases creativity. By adding something different and new to your everyday routine is great for creativity (like taking a walk down a different street on your way home from work or trying a new tasty eat). Similarly, adding a lovely bunch of flora into your space will catch your eye and get you thinking outside the box. At the very least flowers will make you want to take a creative photo for your Instagram! 
  4. Makes your space inviting. As well as refreshing your space and making it smell dreamy, a good helping or flora makes your space an all-round nice place to be in.  
  5. It's a treat. Buying yourself flowers is something nice you can do for yourself. After a busy week, or a successful day it's nice to treat yourself and flowers are more lasting than your favourite Thai takeaway and a more thrifty option than a shopping spree!