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How To Order A Custom Dress

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One of my main goals with Rosery Apparel is to create responsibly-made wardrobe essentials made from 100% recycled fabrics. Due to each product being one of a kind, it can be a little bit upsetting when you find your dream fabric already made into a dress or skirt that’s not your size. Therefore custom made clothing is a must for my little brand to give you the opportunity to pick out your favourite fabrics and create a custom design that’s perfect for you!

If you have been wanting to order a custom dress for yourself, but are a bit unsure how to do it, then this step by step guide should hopefully show you just how easy it is!

Step one: Choose your dress style

There are a few different dress styles available, and the beauty of creating a custom order is you can choose the design that you like best! View the styles you can choose from here.

Step two: Select your size

From your bust, waist and hip measurements determine the right fit for you according to the sizing guide. Your measurements don’t have to match the sizing guide exactly, just pick the one closest to your measurements.

Step three: Choose your fabric

There is a large selection of recycled fabrics available for custom orders, that have been salvaged from vintage curtains, bed sheets and tablecloths. Only one fabric is needed per dress - so take your pick! When you have chosen your fabric, be sure to take note of its number and select it in the drop down menu. 

Step four: Place your order

The final step is to simply place your order! Your one of a kind custom order will take up to 5 days to be made from scratch (by me!), and can be shipped to anywhere in the world. I hope this guide helps a little, and I'm forward to receiving your custom order soon!