Sewing Kit Essentials

Something that I've wanted to do on this blog for a while now is to share more sewing and baking posts to help and inspire people to be creative, and to share how to live a slow lifestyle. I always loved the subject 'Home Ec' at school, and that's how I kind of see these blog posts - Home Ec for creative types. I'm planning on covering a range of sewing and baking tutorials for both beginners and those who like a bit of a challenge. To start with, today I'm sharing my sewing kit essentials. That way, if you'd like to sew along, you'll have everything you'll need to get started! Here are the sewing essentials I use every day:

1. A seam ripper. Or as I like to call them a 'quick unpick', is the easiest way to get rid of stitches when you make a mistake. They are also super handy when putting in zips! 

2. Spare bobbins. You can get by with one or two, but life will become a lot easier when you have 3-4 spare. Each time you use a different coloured thread on your sewing machine you will need to fill a bobbin, and there's nothing worse than having to pull all of the thread out of a nearly full bobbin just so you can use another colour!

3. Water soluble pencils/pens/chalk. I use mine every day when dressmaking. These pencils allow you to make marks all over your fabric and then can be easily washed off with a dab of water.

4. A measuring tape. When it comes to sewing you NEED a measuring tape! You can not get by with just measuring with a ruler. Due to their flexibility, a measuring tape's measurements will be more accurate.

5. Fabric scraps. Having a stack of beautifully designed fabrics is a dream, but what if you need to practice something? Always have a stack of cheap practice fabric at the ready.

6. Pins and needles. Have a good amount of pins in your pincushion as it's better to have more than you need than not enough. Needles will come in handy too as hand-sewing can sometimes give a nicer finish than a machine.   

7. Cotton thread. When sewing, it's always best to use thread that is the same colour of the fabric you're using. I always have plenty of white thread in my stash, and add different colours as I need them. 

8. Fabric Scissors. Fabric scissors are exactly that - scissors for fabric. Don't confuse your fabric scissors with your normal scissors though, if you use them on paper they will be blunt before you know it! 

Looking forward to sharing some more sewing posts with you soon! x