2017 Thrifting Wish List

Last year I shared a 'thrifting wish list', containing a number of items I had my heart set on finding while thrifting (or op-shopping as we call it in Australia). Since then, I have added many new things to my wish list, so I thought I would create a new list for 2017 and share it here, and then I can look back at the end of the year to see if I found everything I was looking for! Here are my most wanted thrift finds for 2017:

1. A vintage beach umbrella. I have very fair skin and am constantly on the look out for shade during the summer months and I think a vintage beach umbrella (like the pretty one pictured) would be the best thing! I have been eyeing these amazing umbrellas by the salty merchants for a while now, and hope to be able to afford to buy one one day. But until that day, finding a retro beach umbrella second hand would be a dream! 

2. Mismatched retro dining chairs. My friend and I bought a retro dining chair each while op-shopping a few months ago, and since then I've been looking for more. So far I have 3 and would like at least one more! An added plus is that Matt likes these chairs too, and he doesn't always love my thrifted goods! 

3. Any clothing with cute embroidery. I love the look/style of embroidered clothing at the moment and hope to find some nice vintage blouses with embroidered collars or some cute embroidered cardigans. I would also like to by one of these collars this year too. 

4. A swan planter. I have seen a few of these around over the years and always thought they were a little bit weird. However, ever since making my beloved swan dress I have gained a new found appreciation for swans. Of course, now that I would actually buy a planter like this I can't seem to find any!  

5. A vintage mirror. This is something that I had on my old list that I'm still looking for. I would love a mirror like this, especially if it had pretty roses like the one pictured. I have found a few at op-shops but they were plain and $45 which I think is a little too expensive for an old mirror. I've started to go to garage sales a bit more, where I might have a bit more luck. 

6. Second hand Dangerfield dresses. I love the brand Dangerfield, but as I mentioned in this post I don't feel comfortable buying from them anymore. However, I have no problem buying Dangerfield second hand, as my money isn't supporting the brand but going to charity instead! Last year I found quite a few Dangerfield pieces, and I hope to find more this year too!

7. Souvenir teaspoons. I was helping one of my friends move into her new house and unpacked a collection of old souvenir teaspoons that she was going to use instead of regular teaspoons, which I think is a great idea! Souvenir teaspoons are a lot more interesting than regular teaspoons, so now I'm inspired to start a collection of my own.

8. And lastly, some cute vintage plant stands like the ones pictured. I think these would look lovely in our living area, or outside on our deck. I'm sure these are very popular right now, though, and I'm not sure what my odds will be of finding any.  

I hope this list has inspired you to go and find something new! Also, if you're new to thrifting be sure to have a read of my 10 tips for op-shopping post. What are some of the things that are on your 2017 thrifting wish list?