DIY Floral Arranging

One of my favourite things to do lately (especially now that it's spring!) is going to a wholesale florist, buying a bunch of different flowers, and arranging them at home myself. I love flowers, and a part of me really wants to become a florist one day, so this fun activity quenches those floral arranging needs for me!

Today I'm sharing how I make my DIY floral arrangements. I made this bunch for the Rosery Apparel Spring 2016 photo shoot, and they turned out just how I wanted them too! Here are the steps I take: 

Pick/buy your flowers! I like to work with a main flower (usually roses), a base flower (I'm using light pink carnations), and some different types of foliage. I'm using eucalyptus and some other random bits of foliage from another bouquet I had salvaged. But anything with a bit of body to it is perfect! 

To begin the arrangement I start with the base flower. It's good to hold the arrangement while you make it, but I couldn't hold it and take photos at the same time! Note: odd numbers always look best! 

Next, I add the eucalyptus foliage. The large leaves create structure and will help to support the other flowers you'll be adding. Be sure to clip the stems to the same length as you add them. 

Then I add my main flowers. I love how the pink works with the green of the eucalyptus. 

Hold the arrangement loosely, and add some other bits of foliage to where it looks best. Keep adding until you achieve the desired body for the bouquet.  

Lastly, tie the stems together snuggly with some string/rubber bands. Note: I like the look of twine best! 

Now you have a lovely, well combined DIY floral arrangement! I hope this has helped and given you some tips for when you next have a go at working with flowers. If you do have a go, be sure to use #roseryappareldiy so I can see! x