Rosery Apparel | Spring 2016

Spring is here in Australia, and over the weekend I added some new spring dresses to the online store. I'm so excited to share these new dresses with you, as I have been working on perfecting the patterns for them for many months. Without any further ado, let me introduce the new dresses! 

Here is the first new dress style I've been working on. It's called the Eva dress and is a sweet vintage inspired sundress with thin straps and a flattering gathered skirt. You can find this dress for sale here

Here's another Eva dress made from beautiful vintage swan fabric. It is without a doubt one of the prettiest dresses I have ever made. It looks like a ballerina dress! You can find this dress for sale here.  

The second new dress style I've been working on is called the Rosa dress. It features a sleeveless bodice with a cute little waist tie that can be tied into a bow either at the front or the back (I'm not sure which way I prefer!). This dress is made from beautiful vintage floral fabric, that's so perfect for spring! You can find this dress for sale here

Another gorgeous Eva dress, made from a unique vintage rose print fabric in peachy tones. I absolutely adore the fabric of this dress, it's the perfect dress for the warmer months. This one is for sale here

And lastly, another Rosa dress in a beautiful floral fabric. There was only enough fabric for one of these dresses, available in SIZE 10. If I had more of this fabric I would be making myself one for sure! This one is for sale here

I hope you like these new spring styles. Let me know which one your favourite is! x