Recent Thrift Finds

Last week I went on a quick trip to Hobart with my mum, and while we were there we decided to visit some op-shops (thrift shops). In total we went to nine different op-shops, and I was lucky to pick up quite a few things, particularly in the floral fabric department! 

For my home I found a pair of retro, floral cushion covers which are super bright and not the least bit worn or faded which were $0.50 each, a cute floral mug which is the perfect size for my tea (I'm a small tea drinker) which was $1, and a draught stopper that has been handmade from some vintage fabric which was $2. 

I only managed to find two pieces of clothing (which might have a bit to do with being very picky with the clothing I pick up from op-shops lately), a couple of cute button up shirts for $4 each. I really love button up shirts at the moment, and have been wearing them underneath jumpers with the collar poking out which I think looks really cute. The blue shirt has some nice embroidered detailing which makes it extra lovely!  

And lastly, I found a lot of sewing supplies! I managed to find so much vintage floral fabric (my favourite kind!) and I also found some vintage sewing patterns to add to my collection. Now I'm very excited to get busy and start sewing with these beautiful vintage gems! What have you found during your recent op-shopping trips? x