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Love Eat Make


Today I thought I would share a new type of post that I'm thinking of making into a feature for my blog that I like to call 'Love Eat Make'. It's just a small post to share something that I have loved, eaten and made during my week. I hope you like it!

LOVE | Last week I bought some fresh flowers from a local wholesale florist that sells bunches of the same flowers at a good price, which I really like because it allows me to get creative and make my own floral arrangements. I love how the flowers brighten up the house and so am thinking of buying fresh flowers more regularly, and as a bonus they make my house smell lovely! 

EAT | On the weekend Matt and I invited some of our best friends over for a raclette dinner party. A raclette is an appliance that you put at the centre of the table and then cook the food together. I really enjoy the process of sitting together, drinking wine and cooking food together. It was a lot of fun and I definitely recommend it if you are looking for a unique dinner party idea! 

MAKE | Over the last few weeks, I have been busy working on some new skirts that are now available to purchase in my shop. They are each made from the most beautiful vintage tablecloth that I managed to find at a garage sale a few months ago. I love how they have turned out, considering I have been perfecting my skirt pattern since the beginning of the year! x