My Top 5 Baking Books

It has been quite a while since I last posted on this blog. I've unfortunately been a bit out of action over the last few weeks as I went for a holiday in Sydney and spent some time recovering from an ankle injury. I'm finally starting to get back into the swing of things though, and thought I would share my favourite baking books with you today. 

The first book I have to share with you is a special edition of the '21st Birthday Cookery Bookby the Tasmanian CWA (which was first published in the '50s). My mum has a copy of the original edition and I grew up with the delicious sweet treats from this little recipe book. This edition has even kept all the old advertisements that were scattered throughout the original and I love the nostalgia I feel while flicking through the recipes.   

The next two recipe books are by Frankie Magazine. These books are two of the most used books I own. The first is called Afternoon Tea, and is filled with delicious old-school afternoon tea treats such as caramel slice (a few weeks ago I shared a recipe for The Best Caramel Slice which is from this book), melting moments and carrot cake. The second book is called Sweet Treats and is full of confectionary recipes such as musk sticks, coconut rough, marshmallows and turkish delight.  

The next recipe book that I love is by Karla Goodwin, the owner of Bluebells Cakery (which I got to visit last November!). This book is so lovely and is packed full of sweet recipes such as Bluebells famous cupcake recipes, cake recipes, and raspberry and white chocolate Lamingtons (that are next on my 'to bake' list!).

And lastly, I'm sharing a book called 'What Katie Ate at the Weekend'. This book is a visual feast and is full of both sweet and savoury recipes, with too many to count! This book is so beautiful that Matt and I often have it sitting on a book stand in our kitchen as inspiration, and every time i flick though it I always find new recipes that I want to try! x