Easy Macrame Hanging Vases

I made a lot of these twine macrame hanging vases to hang off tree branches at our wedding last year, and as they are really simple to make I thought I would share a little DIY project of them here. I'm not sure if these are technically macrame, but when I googled the word macrame it said it was a form of textile-making using knots. That's what I'm doing, so macrame is the word I'll use for this project!    

Here is what you'll need for this project:

  1. A pair of scissors
  2. Twine
  3. Pretty Vases (I'm using some nice thrifted ones)

So let's get started!

1. Cut 8 strands of twine at approx. the desired length of your hanging vase. Tie a knot at one of the ends and trim the strands to equal lengths (note: keep the end strands a little bit long to give a retro tassel feature).

2. Separate the long strands into 4 groups of 2, and tie a knot in each group of 2 at approx. the same spot for each group.

3. Separate the 2 strands at the knot and then group each separated strand with a strand from another group. Tie these 2 strands together with a knot, again at approx. the same spot as each group.

4. Repeat step 4 being careful to attach each strand to a strand from a different group each time in a clockwise motion, until there are 3 rows of knots.

5. Place your vase upside down, and open up your knotted net and place it over the vase, being careful to keep the large knot at the centre of the base of the vase.

6. Flip the vase right way up and tie another large knot at the desired length of the hanging vase. Use a s-hook or a ring to hang your new macrame hanging vase. 

I hope you've enjoyed this little DIY project! I know some of the instructions may have been a little bit difficult to understand, so I have made a short video of this DIY to give you more of an idea how to knot and group the different strands. Let me know if you give this a go for yourself! x