Recent Thrift Finds

Yesterday I went op-shopping (or thrift shopping) for the first time in weeks! For someone who loves op-shopping, this is a very long time to go without it. So I left early and visited 6 of my favourite op-shops and even though I didn't find much in the way of clothing, I did find some nice things and so thought I would share them here today.

Yesterday was a good day for vintage fabrics. I managed to find a pile of floral bed sheets and a cute bubblegum coloured check bed sheet that I will be making into some dresses once they are washed. This blouse is from another recent op-shopping trip and has the most adorable collar and embroidered detail. It is a little too big for me though so I'm going to have a go at reworking it to fit me better. 

Something in particular that I was looking for yesterday was a pot or two for some indoor plants. I had bought the little cactus pictured above over the weekend, and needed a little pot to put it in, and found a perfectly sized crystal canister for it. I also found the sugar canister and thought it would make a cute plant pot (and I really loved the design), and I have plans to make a macrame hanger for the big glass bowl so to be able to hang a plant in our dining room. 

As I mentioned in this post, I'm always on the look out for nice picture frames, and yesterday I found a lovely gold frame that was the perfect fit for a cute poster I got from an old Frankie Magazine. I also recently picked up a set of four cherry glasses with the nicest white floral design and gold rim. I can now cross these off my op-shopping wish-list

I'm starting to notice it's getting harder and harder to find good vintage in the Launceston op-shops. Is it the same where you are? What have you been thrifting lately? x