Visiting Bluebells Cakery

One of the highlights of our honeymoon was visiting Bluebells Cakery. I had been following the Bluebells Cakery Instagram for many years, and owned the cookbook, so as soon as we decided on New Zealand for out honeymoon destination, visiting Bluebells was on top of my to do list. 

Something in particular that I'd been wanting to try were the signature cupcakes. They are just so pastel and cute, and too good not to try! We went for four different flavours: raspberry, red velvet, coffee (one for Matt), and plain vanilla. Then, when asking the store girl what her favourite flavour was, she gave us one for free to try, which was banana cake. They were so good! I have a friend who is the cupcake making queen, and she has made me into a bit of a cupcake snob over the years, but they were seriously amazing and the flavours were perfect!

We also ordered some raspberry tea to go with our cupcakes, just to add to the sweetness. It was such a nice afternoon tea treat and I will definitely be going back to New Zealand just to be able to go here again! x