5 Thrift-Finds to Give Personality to Your Home

As much as I love buying new home wears (I never buy new clothing, but home ware shopping is my weakness!), there is something about vintage home wares that add so much personality to a home. Not only are thrifted items more unique, but they are a lot cheaper for what you get (not to mention they are the more sustainable option in most cases). So today I thought I would share five easy to come by thrift items that can help give some personality to your home. 

1. Vintage pillow cases. I've been collecting vintage pillow cases for years to use as fabric, but recently decided they are just to beautiful to cut up, and have started using them instead. I love the bright floral prints, and at around $0.50 each you can't really go wrong! Just be sure to give them a good wash before using.   

2. Floral dinner plates. I really love my collection of vintage dinner plates, they make every meal look pretty. I don't care to much about having complete sets or anything, I just have a pile of mis-matched plates. Understandably, Matt isn't as in love with these as I am, so we have some plain dinner plates too for his fancy meals.   

3. Mid-century furniture. Adding a few vintage pieces of furniture to the new bits in our home has been so effective in adding personality. I found the retro buffet pictured above at a local op-shop for $50, but to buy something like that from a vintage dealer you would be looking at a couple of $100. We also have a mid-century kidney bean coffee table, and an old formica dining table that I use as my sewing table.  

4. Crochet Blankets. I actually made the blanket pictured above, but I always see handmade crochet blankets for just a few dollars at the op-shops and considering the amount of work that goes into them they are such a bargain! I've picked up a few second hand ones over the years (especially in the lead up to our picnic wedding) and they can be pretty dirty and stained sometimes, but if you soak them overnight in cold water and napisan, I have found they come up as good as new.  

5. Old photo frames. Again, these are so easy to find and so cheap! I always like to look out for mid-century and gold/copper frames that are so popular at Country Road right now. 

So that's my top five thrift finds to give personality to your home. I hope this post has inspired you to thrift before you buy brand new! What home wares are you always on the lookout for when you go op-shopping? x