New Dresses!

I recently added some new dresses to the online store, and as each dress is handmade from a unique vintage and recycled fabric, I decided I would write a blog post on each of the dresses, and the past of each fabric. 

This is one of my favourite dresses I have ever made. The fabric for this dress was recycled from the most beautiful linen bed sheet and is one that I have been saving for a while. I'm so glad I finally used it for this dress! The linen fabric gives the dress a lovely thick texture that is perfect for winter. This pretty dress is size 8.  

This dress was recycled from a bed sheet too, and I was immediately drawn to the perfect shade of mint. I love how this one turned out, so much so that I might end up keeping this one for myself! This dress is size 12.  

This dress isn't recycled, but is made from genuine vintage fabric. I went into an op-shop I don't often go to one day, and found around 10 metres of amazing retro fabric. As I have so much of this fabric, I have made two of these dresses, in sizes 10 and 14. I may have also made a dress out of this for myself too! 

This pretty one is also made from a gorgeous vintage linen fabric that was recycled from a pair of curtains. It is the perfect rose/shabby chic print in the most beautiful colours. This dress is one of a kind, as there was only enough fabric for the one dress, in size 10. 

This lovely mustard dress is also recycled from a bed sheet and again I was immediately drawn to the gorgeous colour! I'm loving mustard this winter, and it seems to be quite a popular colour (see here and here). This dress is size 10, and again I had to keep one of these for myself! 

The last dress I added is another retro one! This dress was also recycled from a vintage bed sheet, and is so peachy perfect. I wish I could find fabric as nice as this everyday! This dress is a size 10.

This week I'm perfecting a skirt pattern that I have been working on for a while! I have just enough of some of the fabrics to make some skirts which will be available soon! Also be sure to follow the Rosery Apparel Facebook page and Instagram for regular updates. I hope you enjoyed finding a little bit about how and what these dresses were made from. Which one is your favourite? x