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Custom Made Clothing

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Today I'm excited to introduce custom made clothing to Rosery Apparel! As all Rosery Apparel clothing is made from 100% recycled/vintage fabric, each piece is a one of a kind (or one of a small few), and it can, therefore, be disappointing to see a dress made in a fabric you love only to find that it isn't made in your size.  

By introducing custom made clothing, you are now able to choose the fabric you love and order it in the style and size that's perfect for you! 

I have created a helpful 'How to Order Custom Clothing' Guide which explains how to go about this (including how to determine which size is best for you) in lots of detail, but here are the basic steps to follow to order a custom dress or skirt:

  1. Go to the 'Custom' section of the shop and pick the style of dress/skirt you'd like.
  2. Select the size that's right for you and add to cart.
  3. Go to and choose your favourite, being sure to take note of the fabric number. 
  4. Return to cart and checkout, adding the fabric number into the 'custom info' box during checking out

I hope that you're as excited by this new Rosery Apparel feature as I am! Remember to read through the guide for a more detailed explanation, or feel free to email me at, I would love to chat! x